Pain can’t stop you

Suitable for the treatment of mild-moderate pain including: Headache, Fever, Body Pains, and Cold & Feverish Conditions.

M&B Paracetamol: 500mg

Pain can’t stop you

Used to treat Pain Fever, Headache, Teething Pains, Cold Symptoms, Ear ache, Muscular aches in children from 6 months to 12 years.

M&B Paracetamol Syrup: 120mg/5ml

For relief of aches & pains associated with inflammation

Used for Reducing Temperature, Fast Relief of Mild to Moderate Pain, General Body Aches, Sprains, Sore Throat & Teething Pain in children ages    6 months – 12 years.

M&B Ibuprofen: 100mg/5ml

Freedom for pain

A premium fast dissolving and acting, easy-to-swallow analgesic that treats mild to moderate pain and fever in adults.

Easadol: Acetaminophen 500mg

Freedom for pain

A premium fast acting, strawberry tasting, reliable acetaminophen with no alcohol that treats mild to moderate pain and fever in children.

Easadol Suspension: Acetaminophen 120mg

Freedom for pain

Fast acting, reliable and easy-to-swallow caplets that treats severe pain and fever in adults (also associated with inflammation)

Easadol Plus: Acetaminophen 325mg, Ibuprofen 200mg, Caffeine 30mg (x3 Action)

Capsule used in Management of Moderate to Severe Pain

Ketovail: Ketoprofen 200mg