Core Values

May & Baker’s operations are governed by a set of core values, which it holds as a bond with all stakeholders. These values are:

Customer Delight

We believe the customer is the reason for our being in business. Thus we ensure all our processes are customer-driven. Aware that our profitability depends on the satisfaction of our customers we go to great lengths to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Although we have established processes, we believe there are always better ways of doing things, leading to better products and services. We, therefore, encourage innovation among our staff, through several Innovative Employee reward schemes.

Passion for Excellence

We believe not just to do our best but also to be outstanding in every aspect of the business. This principle challenges the individual employee to give his best.

Faith in God

Above all these principles, we trust in the invisible hand of God to guide us in our business practices and relationship with people. We believe that our successes as a business over the years are attributable to God.


Much as we have to grow our business, we do so with the utmost regard for the ethical rules of our professions, regulatory laws in our industry and country. This includes the personal honesty of each employee in our company.


We believe that good corporate performance is achieved only through collective effort and mutual support. Thus we make our staff to go through a programme of high performance Team Behaviour as a way of inculcating the team spirit. We have put in place a system of rewards for team achievements as well as an environment of mutual trust.