Our Tradition

As Nigeria’s first pharmaceutical company May & Baker has for eight decades, remained a key player in the nation’s healthcare industry. Generations of Nigerians have come to rely on the company for health support.

The company’s reputation for quality is legendary. This has been crucial in cementing partnerships with her long standing customers as well as winning new ones. Every May & Baker product picked off from the shelf has a guarantee and stamp of quality that has been the hallmark of the company in Nigeria.

This is because May & Baker has a rigorous quality assurance procedure that starts with ensuring that the right quality raw materials from suppliers are received, to continuous checking, testing and re-testing at each stage of manufacturing, employing the highest standard of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) procedures.

May & Baker does not stop at making quality products. It also ensures quality in service delivery. It has continued to shrink the time it takes to service customers’ orders through a company-wide culture of customer delight. In May & Baker, the desire to delight a customer by exceeding expectations is a way of life.