Oxavid contains ofloxacine a fluroquinolone.it has  broad spectrum of activity against gram positive and gram negative organism
it is indicated for the treatment of the following infections:

First choice in management of Geito-urinary tract infections
Effective against chlamydia and other organism implicated in geniti-urinary tract infections
lower respiratory tract infection caused by influenza,parinfluenza
second  contains the longest acting 5 mitro-imidaxole,secnidazole
it is very conveinent to use as most infections can be managed with a single start dose.it also serves as a single dose alternative to metronidazole susceptible infections.

•    It is positioned as the drug of first choice in the treatment of Genito-urinary tract infections,  Broad spectrum of activity against Gram positive and Gram  negative organisms.
•     It also has activity against chlamydia and other organisms implicated in genito-urinary tract infections.
Oxavid 10’s tablets-Ofloxacin 200mg tabs*10’s
Oxavid 100’s tablets-Ofloxacin 200mg tabs*100’s
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