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Over the years, May & Baker has continued to improve its year-end financial performance.

Our financial performance has not escaped the watchful eyes of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In 1996, barely two years after getting listed, the company’s sterling performance was awarded with the prestigious Nigerian Stock Exchange Annual President’s Merit Award in the Healthcare/Chemicals and Paints category.

May & Baker again carted home the coveted prize in 1997, this time in the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical category. It has since then won the award several times.  
In 2004, May and Baker won the Gold Award of the Lagos State Ministry of Health in Occupational Health and Safety.

The future outlook of the company is increasingly looking brighter as the company has emerged from a major transformation that has enabled it to diversify into foods and vaccines production. This transformation has also seen the company align its processes to the needs and expectations of its customers with greater efficiency and profitability.

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