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When the company was established in 1944, it sold human pharmaceuticals; laboratory and photographic chemicals and horticultural and veterinary products. Some of its early products include Quinacrine (Anti-malarial), Gonazole (anti-biotic), Soneryl (sedative), Ephedrin, Sulphonamides, Nivaquine (anti-malarial) and Rovamycine (then a veterinary product).

Having climbed to pre-eminence on the back of our well-known anti-malarial drugs (the Nivaquine range) and Sulphonamides, the company has since taken leadership positions in the biological (Vaccines), Oncology (Cancer drugs) and the Anti-infective markets and is achieving a steady growth in her share of the Analgesics and anti-hypertensives markets.

In 1992 the company re-organised its business to concentrate on human pharmaceuticals and human vaccines. In 2002 it diversified into consumer products with the introduction of Lily Table water in Ota, Ogun state.

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